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How am I doing with my Gundam scientist? Anon is enabled and concrit is welcome.
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Player Info:
Nickname: RainRaven
Age: 22
Personal LJ/DW: [personal profile] rainraven (Rarely used.)
Method of Contact: rainraven4711 on aim, rainraven4711(at)gmail(dot)com, and [plurk.com profile] RainRaven on plurk.
Characters Played: N/A

Character Info:
Name: Kyoji Kasshu
Age: 29
Canon: Mobile Fighter G Gundam
Pull Point: Post death and spirit shenanigans.

Background Info:
During the A.D. Calendar, Earth's population passed 10 billion, causing the environment to decay rapidly. Each of Earth's nations created its own space colony to orbit the Earth. Then began the F.C. Calendar, standing for "Future Century". In F.C. 1 the migration from Earth began, with the upper classes and ruling classes leaving the planet for the colonies. 40% of the population either couldn't or wouldn't abandon Earth, and stayed behind. The very next year, many countries began regional wars on Earth, threatening full-scale nuclear war. To combat this threat, the colonies created the United Colonies Federation, and forcibly seized control of Earth with their many mobile suits (stereotypical humanoid mecha). From then on, Earth was to be subject to the space colonies.

After the Earth Chaos War, the colonies began vying for the ruling position in the UCF. With a war between the colonies now threatening the safety of humans, a military advisor by the name of E.C. Ducer proposed the idea of a Gundam Fight in F.C. 6 - every four years, a tournament would be held and each colony would submit one fighter in one Gundam. The Gundams would go to Earth and fight until one was ultimately determined the winner; that Gundam's colony nation would then earn the right to rule all of Earth and Space for four years, until the next tournament. The Gundam Fight was adopted and GF 1 was held in F.C. 8.

Kyoji Kasshu was born in F.C. 31 to a fairly normal family on the Neo Japan space colony. His father, Dr. Raizo Kasshu, was a brilliant Gundam scientist. Kyoji quickly began to follow in his father's footsteps, taking an interest in technology from a young age.

When he was eight, Kyoji's little brother Domon was born. He decided he was going to be the best big brother he possibly could, and the two of them were inseparable growing up. Domon became best friends with his neighbor, Rain Mikamura, who was the same age. Eventually Kyoji came to see her as something like a little sister.

But those happy days couldn't last forever. Shortly before Domon turned ten (when Kyoji was about 18), a mysterious old man appeared at the colony. His name was Master Asia, the Undefeated of the East, and he was known to be the strongest martial artist in the world. He was also the King of Hearts, the leader of a secret five-person organization known as the Shuffle Alliance, whose sole purpose was to protect the Earth and monitor warfare, and had several times steered mankind away from extinction. Master explained to the Kasshu family that each member of the Shuffle Alliance had a symbol called a crest, which although normally invisible sometimes manifested itself as a glowing symbol on the right hand of the fighter who held the crest. He also explained that Domon was destined to become the next King of Hearts once Master passed away. Because Domon had received no formal martial arts training, Master asked for permission to take Domon to Earth for training.

Kyoji was strongly opposed to the idea. He did not understand why their parents would even consider sending Domon to a remote location on Earth to train for years with a man they barely knew. But in the end it was decided that Domon would go to the Guyana Highlands to train with Master. Kyoji became even more devastated when Master told them it could take more than a decade for Domon to finish his training. But he wasn't able to talk their parents into changing their minds, and he was eager for the years to pass so he could see his brother again. Meanwhile, he continued to think of Rain as a little sister and spent time with her whenever he could.

He attended Colony University and earned degrees in robotics and biology. He used this to help his father design and build Gundams for Neo Japan, although he often felt guilty because of how badly Gundams were damaging the Earth. Then his father asked for help with a secret personal project. They'd build a Gundam that would restore the Earth instead of destroying it. To do this Dr. Kasshu had devised three great theoretical abilities. The ability to self recover, allowing it to fix itself in the event it became damaged. The ability to self multiply, by bonding with certain individual animals and influencing their subconscious and instincts to use them to slowly strengthen the whole species. And it would self evolve so that it could adjust to the ever-changing Earth and still carry out its mission. This machine would be called the Ultimate Gundam, because it needed to be the strongest Gundam of them all to have the power to restore the Earth faster than it was being destroyed. Kyoji gladly agreed. To make the theoretical abilities his father had envisioned a reality, he invented the Ultimate Gundam Cells. A type of symbiotic biometal, it was capable of bonding with both Gundarium (the metal that Gundams were made of) and living animal cells. A Gundam infected with UG Cells would gain the Ultimate Gundam's ability to self recover and self evolve, while an infected animal would gain increased physical abilities. The UG Cells would sometimes cause the animal's skin to transform into metallic scales, but no other unintended side effects were noted. After many long years of work, the Ultimate Gundam was finally completed in FC 59.

However, the Kasshu family did tell one other person about their project: Dr. Mikamura, who was Rain's father and Dr. Kasshu's best friend. Dr. Mikamura was also a Gundam scientist although he wasn't as skilled. In fact, he was quite jealous of Raizo's abilities. When he saw the nearly-completed Ultimate Gundam, his jealousy turned into hatred. He reported the Kasshu's project to Major Ulube Ishikawa, the head of the Japanese military.

The Kasshu family knew nothing of Dr. Mikamura's betrayal until Ulube's troops stormed their lab upon the completion of the Ultimate Gundam. Dr. Kasshu was devastated to see his friend standing there with Ulube, but had little time to dwell on it. He knew Ulube would use the Ultimate Gundam for evil, and that they must keep it out of Ulube's hands at all costs. He ordered Kyoji to take the Gundam and run. Kyoji made a break for the Ultimate Gundam's cockpit, and Ulube ordered his troops to fire. Ms. Kasshu jumped in the way and saved Kyoji at the cost of her own life. Kyoji hesitated, but at his father's urging he left them there and used the Ultimate Gundam to melt his way out of the underground lab and reach the Colony's surface. This took some time, and Ulube was waiting for him at the surface with several platoons of Mobile Armor Fantomas. However, they were no match for the Ultimate Gundam's sheer strength, and Kyoji easily defeated them all, leaving only Ulube alive (although he only lived because of luck).

Kyoji escaped and headed to Earth. Unfortunately, the Gundam was not built for atmospheric entry on its own. Kyoji ejected and managed to land unharmed, but it seemed the Gundam had been irreparably damaged by its impact with the Earth. But then the self-recovery kicked in, and it restored itself to perfect condition in mere moments. However, the main computer's programming had been corrupted. It concluded that because humans were the cause of the damage to the Earth, the only solution was to destroy mankind. Without the constant damage people caused, the Earth would eventually restore itself. However, it could only move if there was a human in it's cockpit. So before Kyoji could realize what had happened, the Ultimate Gundam opened it's hatch and used tentacle-like cables to grab him and pull him inside, absorbing him as its core life-force unit.

The Ultimate Gundam slowly became even more corrupted by Earth's pollutants, and eventually self-evolved into the terrifying Devil Gundam. Months later, Kyoji was still trapped within the Devil Gundam's cockpit. Held completely motionless by the cables, he had become one with the Devil Gundam, and his consciousness was beginning to fade. Despite this he was still more concerned for his family than his own well being. Especially Domon who, to his knowledge, was still on Earth. The Gundam Fight had started, and Devil Gundam had begun killing the Fighters it came across, having evolved the ability to infect even corpses with its ability to self multiply once it's special cells had become Devil Gundam Cells (DG Cells). This way, it was corrupting the strongest people in the world and their fighting machines into it's zombie slaves. Kyoji was desperate to find a way to escape, or at least find a way to protect his brother.

He had his opportunity when Schwarz Bruder of Neo Germany learned of the situation and attempted to challenge the Devil Gundam. The Devil Gundam made short work of the German Fighter, and connected to the body to turn it into another zombie minion. Kyoji then used the last of his strength to temporarily take over the Devil Gundam, and began transferring his memories and every aspect of his personality over to the the corpse, using the DG Cells to reform the body to match his own appearance. However, the Devil Gundam was fighting him the entire time, so he couldn't be sure if he was transferring his consciousness or just copying it over. To make certain his brother would be protected, he made a request of his other self before his consciousness faded. He begged his other self to protect Domon for him since he could not. With that, Kyoji closed his eyes as his consciousness faded from his original body.

His true self wouldn't reawaken until just before his death. The Devil Gundam had been defeated once and had regenerated, but the injuries Kyoji's body had received during that time had left his life hanging by a thread. This left the Devil Gundam weak as well, and unable to completely suppress his consciousness.

Kyoji began to wake up again after hearing Domon calling for him when the Devil Gundam attacked the second time. He tried calling his brother's name, but didn't have the strength and passed out again. However shortly after that Schwarz jumped into the Devil Gundam's cockpit and attempted to pull Kyoji out. It tried to absorb Schwarz too, leaving Domon no choice but to destroy them both and the Devil Gundam along with them. Using the Sekiha Tenkyoken - an energy sphere attack of the same type that's seen in many fighting anime and games - he crushed the cockpit and ended Kyoji's suffering. Kyoji managed to regain consciousness and open his eyes long enough to realize what was happening. He smiled at his brother and thanked him before being killed by the blast, and he is shown coming back together with Schwarz at this time.

Interestingly, this is not the last time Kyoji is seen. Rain is later used as the Core Life Unit to resurrect the Devil Gundam yet again. Ulube attacks Domon using the extremely powerful Grand Master Gundam to stop him from reaching the Devil Gundam's center, and Domon is about to give up. Then the spirits of the people Domon lost come to give him the encouragement to fight on, including Kyoji. (Interestingly, despite showing them becoming one person again before, Kyoji and Schwarz are shown separately here.) It worked, and with that spiritual support was enough to give him the strength to defeat Ulube and rescue Rain.


While it is after this Kyoji will be brought into Prospero, he won't clearly remember anything that happened after his death. It will feel like a dream to him, and all he will remember is what his brother looks like now and the kind of person Domon became, and that Domon is finally safe and happy. Also while Schwarz's memories will exist in his subconscious since Schwarz has become his Persona, he won't be able to actively remember any of it. I'm doing it that way because Schwarz's experiences were enough to give him a slight but noticeable change to his personality. Of course (and please correct me if I'm wrong on this) when he thinks to ask Schwarz about what happened Schwarz will be able to tell him. (Making things a lot easier if he ever gets castmates.)


The majority of the time, Kyoji is very calm and collected. He is obviously a very intellectual individual, and thus he prefers to work with logic and reason rather than letting his emotions get the better of him. This however does not mean he is unemotional, quite the opposite. This also does not make him immune from emotional outbursts and impulses. He simply prefers not to let his emotions completely rule over his actions in his day to day life. He is a very brave, loyal, and adaptable person. When he finds himself with free time, he will create designs for new Gundams and inventions or tinker with electronics for fun.

Because of his logical methods, he has learned to be incredibly patient. He can get annoyed easily, especially when someone is distracting him while he's attempting to focus on his work, but he seldom gets more than annoyed. There are some things that will get him a bit beyond being just annoyed -- getting between him and his coffee, for example -- but it takes a lot for him to get seriously angry. Still, he wouldn't be a Kasshu without some anger issues of his own. Although it takes a lot to make him mad, he tends to stay mad for a while. He can hold a grudge for a very long time as well. He prefers to avoid those he is angry at, although he can act professionally towards them if necessary. He also won't hesitate to confront the person if that is what's needed to resolve the situation. Otherwise, if he cannot avoid them he will show a bit of hostility towards them, but only enough to make it clear that he wants nothing to do with them. Animosity is saved for those he truly hates, and if he is driven to that point he will no longer be able to forgive the person in question. Ulube is the only person Kyoji has ever truly hated.

Generally though, he seems rather happy and easygoing. He tends to stay in a good mood most of the time and it is quite common to find him with a smile on his face. He is more than capable of being stern when he needs to be, but is never mean-spirited about it. Kyoji is also a very polite individual, but he has a more Western idea of politeness than one might expect. For example, he rarely uses honorifics and is more likely to use Western terms. He will also call people by their first name even without knowing them well. This is simply how the culture changed and is considered perfectly polite in F.C. 60.

Kyoji does have the bad habit of hiding what he is truly feeling most of the time, and can even be a bit brooding in private. Granted, if you see him smile he probably is legitimately happy and not putting on a front, but if something's bothering him he's not the type to talk about it, even if he's prompted to. He is a bit antisocial, but only because he'd prefer the company of close friends and family than people he barely knows. As he has issues really trusting people, he seldom let's new people in. So while he is more than willing to be friendly and helpful to people, he can be very difficult to get close to.

He is asexual, but he is not aromantic. While having no sexual drive and not physically attracted to anyone, he is more than capable of being attracted to someone on a mental level. However, it is very unlikely he would form this kind of relationship, as he would have to not only accept them as family but also because he is more likely to think of them as a sister than a potential romantic interest. (Or brother. He's open minded, but it would take a lot more for him to think of another man as more than a sibling just because he's so used to having an actual little brother that going into a romantic relationship with a man would feel really weird to him.) His asexuality makes it very awkward for him when someone is flirting with him, and he can get rather annoyed if they refuse to stop.

Accepting someone as family is even harder for him than trusting is. His family is the most important thing in the universe to him. Especially his little brother, Domon. Kyoji went out of his way to be the best big brother he could possibly be, and continues to do so despite Domon's absence. Even if he could act with complete anonymity, he would never do anything that would make his parents disappointed or that Domon wouldn't be proud of him for. He is willing to put himself through hell and back to protect Domon, going so far as to rip his own soul in half and take over a corpse to free his mind from the Devil Gundam and watch over his brother.

This protective nature extends to children in general as well. He's not willing to go to nearly the same lengths to protect a strange kid, but that's still well above and beyond what the average person would do. He's more than willing to put himself in danger to try to save a child. He will act very brotherly to children, and is more willing to trust them than he is most adults. He believes children are inherently good and just learn to be backstabbing jerks when they grow up. Because of this, being betrayed by a child hurts a lot more than being betrayed by most adults.

Kyoji enjoys teaching a great deal, but he won't hold their hand through learning something new either. He prefers instead to give guiding hints until the person he is trying to teach figures it out on their own. He can be bad about not realizing when someone literally cannot learn something on their own though. A big example of this is after he becomes Schwarz, he points out some major flaws in Domon's fighting. After the initial confrontation, while he'll offer advice he doesn't step in to help Domon until his brother pushes himself nearly to the breaking point.

Sadly, Dr. Mimaura's betrayal and Kyoji's subsequent imprisonment in the Devil Gundam left him with some serious mental scars he will need to work through. It will be even more difficult for him to trust others, and will also be far more brooding and a bit more antisocial. Everything and (almost) everyone will be treated with suspicion. After all, he is not only dealing with such a brutal betrayal, but also the extreme guilt he feels. His mom was shot right in front of him, and he still feels he should have been able to stop it even though logically he knows there was nothing he could have done. His anger then led him to kill all those people, and once he was calm again the guilt set in. Did he really have to go that far just to get away? And although he had no control over the Gundam after the crash landing caused it to mutate into the Devil Gundam, he feels responsible for all the people it killed while it was using him as a battery. Knowing Domon is finally safe back in his world will help a little, but there are still deep mental scars Kyoji needs to work through.

Kyoji does at least find a bit of a silver lining to the ordeal. After being stuck in a Gundam's cockpit for over a year, he now has a greater appreciation for things many people take for granted. Fresh air, sunlight, even the ability to stand up and walk around freely will seem like wonderful gifts and his love and appreciated for nature has only grown stronger from being cut off from the world.

Game Specific:
Arcana: The Hanged Man
Justification: Every keyword listed in the game's Arcana Compendium describes Kyoji. He is shown to be devoted to helping and protecting his family, especially his little brother Domon. He has the mental flexibility to not only invent something like the Ultimate Gundam, but also to think of creating Schwarz in the first place. He sacrificed everything to protect his loved ones, even his life and very identity. He is first reborn figuratively when Schwarz is created, and literally now that he's being pulled into Prospero. And even without counting Schwarz's creation, the ordeal forces him to undergo a huge transformation, both in the conditions of his life and in his mental/emotional state.

Additionally, I've also seen this Arcana symbolize paradoxes and being stuck in a state of limbo. The internal duality caused by his soul being ripped apart creates the paradox, and his imprisonment in the Devil Gundam is the ultimate state of hanging in limbo.


First Person Sample:
[The feed comes on to show a somber-looking Kyoji.] This place is very different from the one I left. And I don't just mean the difference in technology. We had nothing that could be described as magic, but here... [He shook his head.] I'm honestly not sure what to think of this place. In some ways it's fascinating, yet in others... less so. That extra hour could be useful, if not for the way the world warps during that time. [Coffins and blood... he'd had more than enough death and desolation already.]

I hate to admit it, but I have no idea how these Persona and magic are actually supposed to work. If there's anyone willing to explain in greater detail just what's going on here, it would be appreciate.

Third Person Sample:
Despite how early it was Kyoji was already awake. He had gone outside so he could watch the sunrise. It was bitingly cold, but he didn't mind it. Cold, the feel of wind, the light from the morning sun; these were sensations he had thought he'd never have the chance to experience again, and he reveled in them. Even as he adjusted to his new life in Prospero, it was the moments like this that gave him the most joy.

As his teeth began to chatter he reluctantly turned back inside and returned to his room. He poured himself another cup of coffee to warm back up. This place was so strange to him, and he wasn't sure what to think about being here. On one hand, he was able to enjoy all of the simple things he had taken for granted before, and he had a second chance to make up for all of the pain he had unintentionally caused.

But on the other hand this place was lonely. It was completely starting over in a strange world full of strange things. Magic. Demons. The Dark Hour which twisted everything into some kind of dark mirror-world.

And his "Persona". Kyoji had already summoned his Persona once, when he'd lost track of time and found himself outside during the 13th Hour. It took the form of a Doppelgänger, but he knew his Persona's real name was Schwarz. It was the other him, the part of himself he'd sent to protect and watch over his brother. Which was part of the reason he hadn't tried summoning his Persona again. Awkward enough to talk to "himself", more so to have a full conversation.

Yet, because of his unique situation there were things his Persona knew that he did not. Things that if he couldn't go home, he at least wanted to know. So with a deep breath he called for his Persona. "Schwarz!" And then the other was standing there, a perfect copy of him only seemingly made from shadow. It was strange, talking to something that could have been - and in many ways was - his own reflection. But he needed to get used to it sooner or later, so it might as well be now.

He hesitated. There were so many things he wanted to ask. But for now, he would just focus on the most important thing. "You were able to see Domon again, but I was not allowed a reunion with him. So please, tell me about my brother..."
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The keywords used are from the Dynasty Warriors Gundam games. The order from most to least friendly is Friendship -> Trust -> Affinity -> Ambivalence -> Caution -> Distrust -> Contempt

Characters with a strike through their name are no longer in the game.

Chart behind the cut. )

Because Kyoji doesn't remember anything that happens during the temporary fits of insanity, I'm listing interactions that take place during that time separately. For his crazy CR chart, check here.


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